Educational Bookshop (German Cultural Center in Ramallah had invited), Reading of The Iron Wall (Die Eiserne Mauer) by Heiko Flottau
The German Cultural Center in Ramallah had invited to the Reading with: Heiko Flottau, «The Iron Wall» at the Educational Bookshop, 19 Salah Eddin Street Jerusalem

Reading of the Arabic Text: Mohammad Zahaikah
Moderation: Frau Prof. Dr. Helga Baumgarten
Reading in German and Arabic, moderation and discussion in English

Tuesday 15th February 2011, 6.30 p.m.

Heiko Flottau read passages from his book "The Iron Wall" in German. In his
research, which goes back to the time before 1948, he is presenting causes,
mistakes and consequences of the Israeli Politic and give the word to its

Die Eiserne Mauer
The Iron Wall

Palestinians and Israelis in a divided land
publication date: 09.03.2009
224 pages
ISBN: 978-3-86153-515-7

In 2002, the Israeli government under Ariel Sharon began the construction of a gigantic barrier on the Palestinian border. Made of reinforced concrete up to eight meters high and with a length of 750 kilometers, the wall is supposed to protect Israelis from Palestinian terror attacks.

The building project sparked international protest from day one, not least of all because parts of the wall have been erected on Palestinian territory. But in Israel, too, the concrete border is controversial. Heiko Flottau discusses the historical background of the wall in Israel, from the call for an “iron wall” between Arabs and Jews by Zionist activist Vladimir Yabotinsky in 1923 to Palestinian resistance against Jewish immigration and the settlers’ movement that began in 1967, as well as dealing with the current conflict around a two-state solution. Backed by countless interviews and reports, he shows how people on both sides of the gigantic barrier live their lives in a divided land.
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