What laptop does Steve Ballmer use for his presentations? Right...

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    1. sonicdeviant 100 months ago | reply

      LOL! Outstanding!

    2. Zayne S Halsall 100 months ago | reply

      While this picture has been dugg, and I understand the intent behind posting it: the irony of the spit-flecked Microsoft madman monkey-boy actually using a tool - nay, worse, a product! - of the ENEMY... I must say I find it rather amusing to see the number of posters attracted to this.

      So he used a Mac. Wow. And I'm sure Torvalds has used a Windows machine, and Jobs as well. Out in the real world it is "best tool for the job", and "whatever happens to be handy". Only when one is spinning marketing propaganda does it actually matter.

      As Jeff Mc Neill said above, any OS on any hardware. Everything has been virtualised, and this means the Hardware Wars and the OS Wars have made way for the Abstraction Wars. Right now, it's the Web and everything associated. Who knows where to next?

      In short, wtf gives a continental, flying, long-haired, seven-breasted yak about this? If you answered in the affirmative, do yourself a favour: pull your ass away from that screen and keyboard, and find the shortest path to outside.

      -zsh, post neo

    3. Tiger Katelin 100 months ago | reply

      Lol my god this is soooo goood lol

    4. alfaneque 100 months ago | reply

      jajaja!!! it's funny!

    5. VideoVillain 100 months ago | reply

      That sure looks like keynote! Powerpoint doesn't look anything like that! Oh snap! ;)

    6. Matthieu Riegler 100 months ago | reply

      It's just a MacBook Pro used by the previous presenter and still on stage....

      You Dude!

    7. radioheadbanger 100 months ago | reply

      adamın parası var kardeşim alır

    8. obamunism [deleted] 95 months ago | reply

      Kevin Rose is Gay

    9. pirata718 95 months ago | reply

      @obamunism you're gay. at least get a decently photoshopped fake celebrity ousting. jeez.

    10. vokidas 94 months ago | reply

      actually it's not steve ballmer's computer...
      but there's no photoshop

      in fact the person before him left the computer on stage, while he didn't use a computer at all (it was an automated presentation)

    11. ZenTigerpaw [deleted] 94 months ago | reply

      This won't help Ballmer's image.

    12. kiko_91 93 months ago | reply

      It's fake.

    13. Perlita Sparrow 90 months ago | reply

      The only way to get rid of temptation is to yield to it... I can resist everything but temptation.
      Oscar Wilde

    14. fotografX.org 67 months ago | reply

      Hey Steve!
      Do you run Linux on your Macbook?

    15. Vendrel 45 months ago | reply

      Nice shot, Red Two!

    16. fiedav [deleted] 39 months ago | reply

      There is no way this can happen, For big presentations like this, the computer is not on the stage. What if it fell off and was too damaged to continue?

      There are normally two computers (one redundant) off stage. When Ballmer wants to change slides, he clicks a controller that only activates a buzzer by the stage manager, The stage manager checks to see that this is the right time to changes slides (instead of the speaker accidentally clicking the remote) and, if so, sounds a buzzer to the people running the computers,

      Vokidas has it right,

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