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A "Plumb" Job on Rose

Rose was a junior in college living at home

she had her freedom and was allowed to roam

one day she was in the condo of her mom and step dad

they left telling her a plumber was coming to fix a leak that they had


Rose didn't mind she had artwork to do

and wouldn't be bothered by some old man doing work there too

eventually there was a knock on the door

Rose answered it quickly she knew what it was for


unbelievable to her eyes a sight she did see

was this beautiful man it was the plumber naturally

Rose stared at him and said please come in

he had a sexy look and now was sporting a grin


asked where the bathroom was and Rose pointed to it

she also went closer and chose to sit

Rose was in short cut-offs and a little tank top

the plumber wasn't used to a young girl on his stop


he asked her a few questions and it was something she did enjoy

Rose liked talking to this man who was not a boy

he took out his tools and Rose watched in awe

was fun for her never anything she saw


he "plumbed" for an hour and finally came to the end

they both stood up and he needed to bend

walked in the living room as it was a one floor condo

and she secretly wished he would not go


he looked at her with such intensity in those eyes

threw her on the sofa and kissed her unlike other guys

kissing continued and it was perfection

no clue where this might lead and in what direction


when all of a sudden some drama occurred

he stood up and said something absurd

grabbing hold of his wedding ring twisted it off his finger

threw it over his shoulder and not a moment did linger

bellowing out as it sailed across the room

"This ring confines me" and brings me doom


Rose was astonished at this bold demonstration

couldn't wait to tell her friends about this confrontation

Rose didn't see married guys as a rule

but he worked his charm and she became another tool


after this scene ended and with all that it could bring

he walked around to look for his wedding ring

they walked to the door and as he bid farewell

he had one other thing that he wanted to tell

"I come to fix your plumbing, I really do

and instead I fix you!!"


the plumbing had to be done by another man.

alas he never set foot in the condo again


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Taken on August 4, 2010