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Makeup and I don't mean for "Cleopatra" Eyes by Iris H. Zuares | by eyewrisz
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Makeup and I don't mean for "Cleopatra" Eyes by Iris H. Zuares


it was time for the showdown in Cleopatra's chambers

speak up now or silence will defame her

Rossa was confused and stared at the two

didn't knew what she was supposed to do

Nafrini stood up and walked to Rossa standing alone

put her arms around the child who has grown

she looked at their faces such amazing beauty

she knew she had to speak it was part of her duty


Nafrini explained of the day Rossa was born

that she was supposed to have the love shorn

the child Cleopatra gave birth to and Nafrini delivered

was so magnificent you looked at her and shivered


The baby was ordered by the Queen of the Nile

to remove this baby and there was to be denial

Cleopatra believed the baby was dead

but Nafrini raised her as hers instead


years went on by and Rossa wanted to see

the glamour of the palace and festivity

showing up she was welcomed and they were not mean

and fit right in the palace scene


intense looks were shared between daughter and mother

could they begin to love one another

after all these years of not knowing this truth

could they get past this giant behemoth


seeing Rossa as the daughter she banished in to the night

Cleopatra wanted to change and make everything right

a hand was reached out and Rossa understood

this was the way the Queen wanted something good


Rossa bowed her head and looked in Cleopatra's eyes

there were tears welling up she could not disguise

jealousy comes from an evil place

Cleopatra felt she was a disgrace

this is her child so beautiful and strong willed

a calm came over the Queen she was undoubtedly thrilled


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Taken on February 2, 2010