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Holga 120 WPC

Holga has come out with the 120 WPC--wide angle pinhole camera. The camera exposes two medium format frames for a 60x120mm negative (as compared to the 24x36mm negative from 35mm film). This creates a nice panorama, capturing about 120 degrees of what's in front of the camera.


The pinhole creates an aperature equivalent to f/133, which essentially means you get infinite depth of field--everything is in focus. It also means you have to exposure for a super long time. This shot was done with a 10 second exposure. So a tripod and release cable are a must.


Upside--From my first few rolls I would say the 120 WPC takes pretty sharp images while still maintaining the dreaminess of the pinhole. Check out the Flick group, people seem to be doing some great stuff with it.


Downside--I don't develop my own film... And using a pinhole is tricky because of the long exposure times that have to be estimated... So if I calculate the cost of the medium format film, of which I use two per shot, and then the cost of development, scanning, and waste due to bad shots, each good shot is costing me about 10 US dollars. Ouch!


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Taken on October 14, 2009