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KD tagged

I've been tagged. A big part of me is my work, so here are my 10 favorite papers I've published:


2009- The effects of repeat collaboration on creative abrasion

We developed a theory of why repeat collaboration in highly creative projects can lead to less creative outcomes, and suggested what teams can do about it.


2007- Dynamics of organizational emergence: Pace, punctuation, and timing in nascent entrepreneurship

We posited and empirically validated that successful entrepreneurial ventures have a certain “rhythm”; it’s all about momentum.


2006- An emergence event in new venture creation: Measuring the dynamics of nascent entrepreneurship

This was the first paper published in organizational theory that actually collected data and tested a complexity science model.


2003- Merger as marriage: Communication issues in post-merger integration

Not widely read, but I love how insightful the metaphor is.


2002- Studying complex discursive systems: Centering resonance analysis of organizational communication

This was the paper that explained the computerized text analysis method we invented, which then spun off into its own company.


2002- The dynamics of electronic media coverage

Our analysis of media coverage of 9-11.


2001- Supply networks and complex adaptive systems: Control versus emergence

This was the first paper published in supply chain management discussing the implications of complexity science. Most cited article.


1999- Explaining complex organizational dynamics

Here we laid out what randomness and chaos meant if you found them in organizational data.


1997- A complex adaptive systems model of organization change

My definition of a complex adaptive system in this paper is the one used in Wikipedia.


1986- An integrated quality systems approach to quality and productivity improvement in continuous manufacturing processes

My first published paper…

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Taken on June 22, 2009