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I'm bokeh, you're bokeh, pure bokeh, okay? (Fireworkskeh and Boatlightkeh for HBWE!)

The "bokeh" phenomenon is fun to watch on Flickr. Bokeh is the diffused light we see on an image when the light source is unfocused.


In the image above, this is all bokeh. 99% of what you can see is the bokeh from the July 4 fireworks on the right, the bokeh in the water reflection, and the bokeh from the lights of boats on Lake Michigan that came out to see the fireworks.


You can get bokeh either by using a high aperature setting (e.g. low f-stop number, f/2.8, 3.2), or by manually defocusing , as I have done here.


So one of the new words that has been created by Flickrites is...


a bokeh image that is completely satisfying.


Flickrites have gotten to call anything that is defocused "bokeh". Technically, if it isn't a light source, it isn't bokeh... The defocused object is then appended with a +'keh", and voila--a new word!


Thus the image above could be called fireworkskeh, boatlightkeh, or lakemichigankeh.


...Oh geez--and it's not even Wednesday!!!!! That mean's this is Happy Bokeh Wednesday Eve, or HBWE! (Explore)

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Taken on July 3, 2009