Arizona State University goes solar!

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    My parking lot at work has solar panels, does yours?

    Solar panel installations across campus will lead to a 7% reduction in ASU's energy bill--and a 7% reduction in carbon footprint related to energy.

    Plus, it gives us some shade!!

    Shot by Motorola Zine ZN5 mobile phone.

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    1. z______z 63 months ago | reply

      Very clever, shade and energy.

    2. ©Komatoes 63 months ago | reply

      That is cool.

    3. ifedorovskaya 63 months ago | reply

      that's clever!!! people becoming smarter??? :)

    4. Aamir Yunus 63 months ago | reply

      Amazing capture!
      You are my winner!
      Please add this photo to
      invited with SICI (2008-11-19)

    5. samirdiwan 63 months ago | reply

      dont think my parking lot has a roof...although in seattle some may claim that solar panels arent worth it :)

    6. juseppe90 63 months ago | reply

      in italy It is very rare to see a panel solar XS

      great shot..

    7. sREe inspired. 63 months ago | reply

      nice arrangement..

    8. prdsra 63 months ago | reply

      Compliments, I like it;
      Please add this photo to

      "your preferred pictures"

    9. LukeOlsen 63 months ago | reply

      That's really cool in more ways than one.

    10. i_still_believe_in_u 63 months ago | reply

      great architectural abstract!
      hope all is beautiful - xoxo!

    11. jotka26 63 months ago | reply

      welcome to the 21th century USA!

    12. Vali... 63 months ago | reply

      wow! congrats
      great step forward in USA!!!!!!!

    13. kstoon 63 months ago | reply

      no, our deck does not have solar panels, but it is heavily shaded which is great in the summer. (i looked into alternative forms of energy when i built my house. unfortunately all were way beyond my budget, way beyond. so, i just keep the lights off ;-)

    14. Rozanne Hakala 63 months ago | reply

      Neat shot. Love the lines and shadows.

    15. sciencesque 63 months ago | reply

      that is a great idea. kudos to ASU for harnessing some of that blazing Arizona sun

    16. radiotest2002 49 months ago | reply

      Fascinating technological shot!

    17. vinyl2010 47 months ago | reply


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    18. EMBARQ 46 months ago | reply

      Great shot!

      We used the photo in the following article on

    19. Ray's DIY Solar panels 42 months ago | reply

      Beautiful shot!

      Glad somebody is thinking about solar panels, as this nature friendly technology is really going to develop in the near future. This is also an indicator, that people are trying out something new. As long as people want to change, mistakes are somewhat allowed.
      Only people who don't do anything, cannot be wrong...

      P.S. The sun isn't so bright though. Looks like a cloudy day.
      If you are interested in diy solar panels then feel free to visit my blog to give you tips and other useful information.

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