Dungeness - Font
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Andrew Sullivan said, "The premise of the DUNGENESS FONT is to create a useful font, derived from the many hand painted signs along the coastal roadside, promoting the fishermen's beach produce, businesses and services offered at Dungeness.

The font is traditionally painted in bold black and white upper case sans serif letter forms on a monochrome ground; these hand painted signs hold a unique typographic code.

The bold and confident brush strokes act as a metaphor for the grit and determination needed to make a living and to survive the challenging landscape/weather conditions. They reflect the hopeful Dungeness mantra - "The beach will always give you a living" *

The font isn't too precious, or bogged down in typographic rules and codes of practice - The creation of this font honestly represents the typographic language of Dungeness.

In the DUNGENESS FONT the imperfections are important, giving it a real human quality. When he created this comprehensive work Paddy put his own unique twist on it; The printing blocks were hand-cut and crafted by Paddy in his studio at Dungeness and you can see the years of observation and understanding that has slipped naturally into each bold letter, with a dash of Paddy's trademark humour.

Paddy has created a memorable set of letter forms that truly expresses the essence of the original Dungeness script: An organic font for a digital age.


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