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Full Harvest Moonrise Over Mono Lake, Ca - into closing twilight | by ™ Pacheco
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Full Harvest Moonrise Over Mono Lake, Ca - into closing twilight

September 29th, night, me Marcela and conway jimmy are about a mile left of South Tuffa... sucking on victory ring pops in the darkness along the dirt road that forks west from the main tuffa full moon photographers highway. We're smiling that smile you get when things go right. Acting the fool and such. Jimmy is off in the darkness looking for driftwood while our whimsical laughter I'm sure can be heard echoing thru the tuffas a half mile out or so. Like drunkin trolls in the darkness. I wanted to get far away from the main location that day in the hope that I could capture the whole harvest scene with my 400MM when the moon chose to break the horizon, and much to my delight, and surprisingly as well, we were the only ones who had done such a thing that day. You could see 50 or 60 photographers scrambling in and out of the tuffa mazes drunk on their own light intoxicant, so I hardly think they even worried a second about their own choices that day. Truth is, there was enough magic to go around. Before the darkness settled upon us, marcela, without hesitation, set off ahead of us... into the closing twilight... thru some rather treacherous snake infested brush.. down to the waters edge... it was a messy endeavor, even messier and more treacherous in the darkness on the way back.. but it landed us smack dab on the western gravelly shoreline of South Tuffa about a 1/4 mile out or so. Spider free. It was a front row seat really for a soon to be stunning moon rise over South Tuffa. I arrived to my calm water seat a while after her, as I often get side tracked with low angle light on sage brush, pop corn and my EXTRA large soda of course. It was a day to remember, and remember it I will.


The next day, the 30th of september... after a calm morning shooting the placid waters of Virginia lake smeared with autumn color, Mr conway jimmy skipped town and me and marcela decide to stop at Mono one last night for a later "day after" moon rise. Skies were kinda blah and we weren't really expecting much... a dark night, darkened ever more by the huge mountain shadow at our back... and a super bright white unshootable moon perhaps.... hardly a site not to gaze upon, but difficult to capture in a single snap I guessed... besides our moon adventure the day before had filled up the full moon tank for the month and it really didn't matter either way at this point what happened from here on out. I felt that I had my full harvest moon pic in the bag for the year, so I was here to enjoy the "never a dull full show moon" with marcela before the long trip back to Malibu the following day. So.. The darkness began to settled in and we waited... and waited... maybe 3 photographers were their, it was exceptionally quiet and tranquil, and beautiful as only Mono knows how to be, save the reverberations of full moon fever from the night before that were still echoing from Murphys motel walls and on thru the mountain peeks of lee vining and beyond.... and then quite suddenly.... and to our delight.... this happened.

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Taken on May 1, 2013