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Eastern Sierra Aspens, Ca

Go Be Do. It's a way of life ya know. Ongoing.

Regretfully, the act of NOT following your gut, holds many people back from Going Doing and Being who they truly are. To say nothing of the fact that, most truly amazing moments of your life... happen once and if your not available for them, they happen anyway... with or without you. Like a tree that falls in the woods. Sure there are variations of those special times and many to go around... but things like godly colored Aspens, perfectly uniform and softly swaying in an autumn breeze, teasing sun flare at the slightest of movement.. as crayola leaves fall like rain over stark shadows from their trucks, drawn perfectly and geometrically now at mid day as lines in the grass.... leading with sole purpose to their white cool elephant-like skin.... well, these experiences are slightly rare. You can take it from me, after all... i seek this stuff out on a regular basis, and I still don't run into this sorta thing very often. Surely the actual moment went beyond this puny video or any feeling a 2D picture could really capture. My thoughts at this exact moment, the smell of the grasses and atmosphere of the scene and invisable sensation of the actual trees pulling at me cosmically... now, to record all that, that would be a camera worth owning. I guess what I'm saying is.... when something is pulling you... stop holding back and Go Be and Do it. Do your best to capture it as a photographer, but cherish the physical moment yourself. It's yours. Hopefully this video will give you even the slightest feeling of what was really happening in that quiet grove of aspens on this 23rd day of October, 2011. While I stood watching.


PS. Oh yeh, and don't forget the bear spray.


Happy Holidays.

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Taken on October 27, 2011