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The Big Bang, Point Dume, Ca | by ™ Pacheco
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The Big Bang, Point Dume, Ca

I sat on this ledge for quite some time, as wave after wave did it's best to soak my spirits. They may have won the war, but I won the battle... at least that's what the history books will say.... Under my feet, the three foot high plateau that I was sitting on was wonderfully filled with scattered tide pools glimmering in the wind, reflecting blue skies and oddly glowing clouds as the sun slowly sank into the frantic pacific. A huge towering cliff lay directly behind me in this image, practically scrapping against my back... out of sight but surely not out of mind.... 40MPH wind guests often left me felling like I had a bulls-eye on my head and I quite often shuttered to think what would happen if a stone or two was dislodged from the cliff-side and found it's way down the mountainside and onto my happy head. No pain, go gain I guess. Now that could be a serious show stopper. Occasionally a wall of water would rise up from the depths entirely blacking out the sun and sky, in some spooky ballet of water and air. A cosmic dance I'm sure which has lasted much longer than you and I can possibly fathom... judging at least from the rock sculptures and formations of goofy shaped holes perfectly pounded out from wave impacts... over eons and eons. Mother nature is quite the artist. Ok, I'm rambling again.

So finally... after hundreds of snaps.... i got one I liked. Do u believe it? I find myself more and more obsessed with capturing the "pinnacle Moment" of drama in any given scene.... guess the trick is honing that skill, patience, awareness.... and lets not forget about personal opinion... it's hard not to get caught up in the moment... after all that difference between "yes" and "no" can be so miniscule.... so subtle. I find it requires such an awareness... such a presence.... of course you always have good old Mr "Luck" too. I've often been visited by Mr Luck and his wisdom goes unparallelled :)..... Take my word for it. Mr "Luck" is hardly random... just misunderstood is all. I ponder that some people might not see much of a difference between the few hundred or so shots I have of this scene.... and that's OK too, just "Maybe" I'm certifiably Koo Koo. But i like to think I'm getting better at something or other. Perhaps I have some crazy hidden desire to return to the thing that ultimately created me. The big bang if you will.... that moment when atoms randomly fused into life and ignited my consciousness. Is that why I'm constantly finding myself in strange locations, more often than not, alone and lost in some ancient universal need to gather proof of my very existence in this space and time? Is that why I'm often surrounded by eerie silence on some strange mountain lion wandering hillside, eyes fixed on shifting shadows? or perched along some rock infested misty ocean point... conversing with seagulls and admiring the fading light and ever growing shadows? Well is it? I thought so. Here's some more proof that i exist, that life is beautiful and that in a single blink... if your not careful, you just might miss the most magical moment of it all.


PS Don't blink.

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Taken on May 10, 2011