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Mt Grouse, Ca - The Grouse Mountain Lazer beam light show \m/

I wasn't gonna post this just yet, because I have about 50 images of this moment and each one is just so different... huge awe inspiring lazer beams cutting thru the clouds scanning the countryside creating so many wonderful moments.... often illuminating patches of colored foliage.... creating random spotlights across the Inyo Mountains and along the mountain floor that Mcgee Creek and buttermilk road carve thru.

The exposure was a challenge as if the simple contrast in light and dark wasn't enough in this heavenly scene, sometimes I was in sunlight and other times I wasn't... and I had multiple exposures of it all as well... so that i could retain all the very subtle detail I needed for the final composition. Capturing the brightest glowing clouds and the foreground mountains was a seriously wonderful challenge. And of course I couldn't help but step back for a minute or two ... or three... and really admire what i was seeing. So, as I was saying, i was gonna hold up on posting this until I had some time to sit with the images and really decide how I wanted to present it.... but fate stepped in, on this foggy dreamlike morning of October the 15th, as i drove like a happy Halloween zombie along the 101 highway... over the hill and down into the quiet hallowed streets of Los Angeles.... with orange on my mind and the eastern Sierras still calling my name.... i received a message from the universe that was just so relative to this moment and this image. I just had to put it all out there. Witches and goblins beware. The message was:


They bring me to tears every single day, Mizzy.

They're almost too much to bear.

Sometimes, I even wonder how it's possible...

Of course, I'm talking about your supernatural resilience, your steely courage, and your gritty determination.


Thy kingdom come,

The Universe"



So while you dwell on that, I'll be pumpkin hunting and packing for my next trip to full moon Island and the infamous loop in Lee Vining. boo!

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Taken on October 14, 2010