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North Lake, Ca - Red Dawn and the great migration. | by ™ Pacheco
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North Lake, Ca - Red Dawn and the great migration.

Back from my trip to the eastern sierra's.

It seems the winter has come back to LA and the clouds, like old friends, are so welcome in my life. I have been so very busy shooting. So busy in fact that I haven't edited an image in over a month, or posted anything as well, but don't let my sleeping page fool you. I have been shooting a lot, and hopefully I can show you a new pic or two in the coming weeks, clouds permitting of course.

For those of you lucky light seekers, who like me, stood on the banks of north lake on October 3rd, early in the morning, with jaws dropped and hearts singing, amazed and stupidly delighted beyond belief.... what a morning. Huh? Considering the journey to arrive at this location before the sunrise, from bishop, those of us who made that choice... i can only imagine, had a very nice ride down the mountain after. I sure know I did. I do believe I even saw a mountain lion watching the heavens on the side of me.

What a strange site to see.... so many photographers from all over the world, gathered in such a far away place, frantically finding our place and watching the sky line like some ancient tribe of sun worshipers. Such inquisitive creatures we are. Searching for something obviously, some reason to live maybe. Like flesh magnets drawn to the very pulse of time and creation. or maybe it's a distant memory we're after... of a place we all came from, and so the great migration of light seekers moves on.... and our unexplained longing to return to that which we have simply forgotten. What is our fascination with light? What do we all get from this? I do believe the answer is more cosmic than we can possibly fathom. I think in the end, when doorways are opened and the bigger picture is in our view... perhaps we'll all understand what brought us here on this day, at this precise moment in time. I'm so happy I was there.


Before I go. Here's a message I received from the universe recently. Yeh, the universe emails me personally. pretty cool huh?


"If you knew what I now know, Mizzy, you wouldn't be in such a hurry.

Not just because you have countless worlds to look forward to, but because the world you're now on was once one of them.


The Universe


U figure it out!

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Taken on October 6, 2010