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Left Side Warta Warka and the Methodical Process, Bishop Ca | by ™ Pacheco
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Left Side Warta Warka and the Methodical Process, Bishop Ca

2015! February already. Wow, time flies. Swat. I see the finalists for the mars colonization mission have been chosen, I didn't get an email so I guess I'm out. I'll just have to grace this precious blue orb for the rest of my glorious days with glee and wit wondering about the shimmering stars the same as you. I made the most of my sierra passions in 2014 with 5 trips. Although i have stayed away from the digital files for a bit while tending to other musical adventures and hillsides. Life can be so damn messy sometimes. I suppose our tidal life's trials and tribulations mimic the rising and falling of the sun in all its shortcomings, dull muted surprises and epic brain tingling explosions perfectly as only they could. Words escape me as of late. More often that not they go unspoken along the PCH each day, harmlessly dispersed from my subconscious meanderings. But, trust me, I'm still tending the garden. Deeply immersed in a pacific fog that comes and goes like a swinging pendulum, though now ever closer to the torn and stretched rope holding at bay my precious weight of the world. Tisk tisk. On a positive note, this is the year the tide returns. My precious spring moth has made a quick 2015 appearance although he hasn't stay just yet and the backyard swallows are soon to be on route. I'm starting to remember. NOW, despite Verizon lawless attempt at forcing me to pay for the same DATA in 3 places, which of course somehow includes my personal unwanted contributions to internet commercials that are a complete waste of my "MU%$A FU&$IN" time, my overall spring spirits are high. I actually cracked open my hard drive last night and looked into the recent past. Autumn 2014 to be exact. Enough non photographic rambling, lets get to it.

I spent about a hour at this tree. She was an unplanned yellow stop. I spotted her in the distance during a rather epic stormy road trip into the eastern sierra gateway this autumn. It was drizzling on and off that day, with classic rainbow weather conditions brewing. The rain was heavy in spurts and I did have to retreat from this image a few times because of that, but after a few compositions along the right and left shores and bridge top, my hope was soon justified by effort that proved there just might be something to call home about after all. Ring a ding dong. From the rickety overpass I was able to get a very centered mirror like image in the Yin and Yang style with converging stream lines leading to the subject which worked nicely, but how boring is that. The shoreline images however (left side seen here) had me dangling over the water like a circus clown in some yoga like stance, 2 tripod legs contorted in some archaic fashion, extended fully and planted in the sandy river bottom, both equally unstable in the heavy current of the flowing water. The third leg was crimped up, contorted and bent to it's absolute limit and crammed into a rock crevice on the shore for support and to keep me and the entire nonsensical contraption from falling into the river and flowing down stream with the rest of rainbow trout. I imagine I looked funny from the one or two passer byes that I now recall as I stretched myself out, perched and focused on not breathing, whilst barely skimming the waterline with my camera lens, manually focusing between quiet breaths, foreground to distance long exposure, Distance to foreground short exposure, so that I could capture the detail sharply throughout the exaggerated scene in all forms if needed. It's medicine to my soul. The hunt that is. The methodical process. The left shoreline stretch proved to be the winner in my opinion as it highlighted some rather long and more interesting underwater river vegetation, inadvertently creating some diagonal lines from the bottom corners of my frame which I found pleasing at the time. The long stretch and close proximity to the water surface also gives the illusion of me standing or hovering over the water which was a desired effect at the time, it was also the only way I could capture what was happening below the surface. A polarizer also helped in that respect, eliminating the foreground reflection quite nicely.

PS I guess mars will have to wait. Wonder if they are planning trips to jupiter?


Go Pats! Time to start thinking about a repeat repeat.

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Taken on February 19, 2015