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Transit of Venus on 2012-06-06 04:08 UTC | by Pachacoti
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Transit of Venus on 2012-06-06 04:08 UTC

Spent some time re-processing my images of the transit of Venus back in 2012. This sequence of images happened to have the best quality as the weather was the best during that time, although high clouds never dispersed.

The steps I walked through to produce this final image:

1. Convert RAW images into .PIC files in IRIS.

2. Construct a bias image.

3. Subtract the bias image from the light frames in .PIC.

4. Convert to BW images and binning 2x2.

5. Unfortunately I didn't take any flat-field frames so a computed one has to be generated. Use phase correlation to preliminarily register the binned 2x2 images in IRIS. Then use the command FLAT to construct a flat image, by which the images were divided.

6. Convert the flat-fielded images into FTS format.

7. Feed the FTS formatted images into AviStack to align and stack them.

8. Use Registax V5 to wavelet adjust the stacked image.

9. Further curve stretch of the intensity in Photoshop.

The resulting image is much better than any of the previous versions. Given the weather condition, I'm satisfied with this one. And I was lucky that I could reach quality like this through the nasty weather.

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