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Total Lunar Eclipse 2015-09-28 ~03:00 UTC | by Pachacoti
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Total Lunar Eclipse 2015-09-28 ~03:00 UTC

It's now my spring break so I have some time to process some of my archival images, the majority of which remain largely unprocessed...

Image sequence calibrated with bias, dark and flat frames. Aligned on the details of the moon in IRIS. Colour calibrated with a G5III star in the field. Wavelet adjustment in Registax5. The original stacked image clearly shows the moon's motion relative to the stars. In order to have untrailed stars, a background was generated with alignment on stars and then stacked in IRIS. The moon's position with respect to the stars is accurately the same as the first image of the sequence, i.e., at ~02:58 UTC. Unfortunately the EXIF time has not been calibrated until a week later, so the precision is estimated to +/- 1min. The observation was influenced by clouds. I remember clearly that before the eclipsed moon emerged from thick clouds, a series of perfect wave of clouds due to the Kelvin-Helmholtz instability was seen. Yet I didn't have an extra camera to record that phenomenon.

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Uploaded on March 20, 2016