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Comet C/2014 Q2 (Lovejoy) on 2014-12-26 | by Pachacoti
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Comet C/2014 Q2 (Lovejoy) on 2014-12-26

C/2014 Q2 captured around local Dec-26 2014 midnight at Joshua Tree National Park, CA, USA.

Parameters used labeled in the image already. Image sequence calibrated with bias, dark and flat, and stacked in IRIS automatically with registration on the motion of the comet calculated by GUIDE9.0. Further processed in Fitswork and Photoshop.

The strong wind at the highland desert defeated my intention of accumulating more photon signals from the comet. The gust was so strong that sometime I felt myself could be blown away. The photographing had to be paused after I took 19 frames when the wind simply kept so strong that every of the images were blurred. Therefore the quality of the final image fails to match my expectation. It just serves as a record of how the comet looked at that moment. At least I'm pleased to notice that the disconnection event of the plasma tail has been recorded in this pic.

I visually observed the comet both thru 20*80 and my naked eye. I could easily see the ~2 \degr wispy tail pointing to p.a. 19 \degr in the bino. Visual brightness estimate gives me m1 = 5.1, Dia. = 19' and DC=6. I forgot to wear my eyeglasses, however, I could still see the comet thru my naked eye; it was roughly m1 ~5.0.

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Taken on December 26, 2014