The full moon 12th June 2006

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    I haven't taken the full moon before, so this was to fill in the gap in my moon shots. I know these don't have artistic merit, but they are still great photo subjects and an interesting technical exercise that I like to play with. I have included the full size crop under "all sizes".

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    1. sazbah ages ago | reply

      Wow - I've never seen it with that much detail!

      It's amazing what you can pick up in a photo that you don't even see with your eyes.

    2. SamJazzy ages ago | reply


    3. jenla ages ago | reply

      I love this. When it's warm and there is a full moon my daughter and I get in the car and drive out to the country to see the moon without interference of city lights. This captures exactly what we have been chasing all these years. How wonderful.

    4. aaardvaark ages ago | reply

      Thanks everyone for your overly generous commentary! As I keep saying a bit sheepishly, I'm concious of the fact that there is no art in this at all -- apart from the fact that the moon is a pretty inspiring object by itself.

      Pierre, MrG, annie, kris and gastro - thanks too for pointing out this pic's moment of fame. Satisfying to get up there with the good'uns for a change (although I'd be more satisfied if it was one of my photos that I reckon has more merit (or at least, more thought on my part, or more unusual)

      eg the boxing (fighting) kangas series...
      Boxing kangaroos 2
      or a bird pic
      Making an Impression - 3
      or any of my own favourites
      Strange Fruit 1

      Prescott I don't know anything about that lens, but at 400mm you'd be able to do a very reasonable shot of the moon, 70% the size of my full size crop, so I'd definitely give it a go. And the camera autofocus will work too, so no probs there.

      Jelna - glad it brings your target moon to the loungeroom! One of the great advantages of living in small-town Canberra is clear skies most of the time, so this was taken right off my balcony.

    5. Vibgyor 2007 ages ago | reply

      Great work sir,Amazing?
      Is the moon so beautiful??

    6. OLDSKOOLDAVE ages ago | reply

      Awesome shot my good man/... certainly worthy of insta-fave. !

    7. aaardvaark ages ago | reply

      Thanks all!

      Pierre - thanks too for the tags, I missed it at it's zenith.

    8. Julie K McComas ages ago | reply

      Absolutely amazing. I have just begun trying moon shots, and am trying to convince hubby that I need a new lens. :) Hopefully soon. Found this one on Explore, congrats!

    9. gainesp2003 ages ago | reply

      Best, clearest moon shot I've seen! Truly spectacular! Thanks for all the technical info on how to do this - I'm off to buy the 1.4X teleconverter!

    10. michelepost ages ago | reply

      Congratulations! This shot is ready for the 500 views + 20 faves group.

    11. ...anna christina... ages ago | reply

      Bela ..bela ..bela !!!

      Congratulations! Congratulations!
      A Fave.

    12. T.D. Ford (Grundlepuck) ages ago | reply

      Congratulations! This image is currently (or was recently) one of Flickr's most interesting photos for 13 Jun 2006. (It is on page one of the calendar view.) Would you please add it to the Top 10 Interestingness pool? It would be a great addition!

    13. Sytske () ages ago | reply

      Such AWESOME picture of the moon. So much detail of the surface, unbelievable. Great picture. My favourite for the day!

    14. janoid ages ago | reply

      Wonderful shot!!

    15. mysol ages ago | reply

      Great detail!!

    16. Emile Bremmer ages ago | reply

      out of this world ! tanx a million for the small 'tutorial' you got going there; i'm definately experimenting with this over time/.

    17. jftphoto ages ago | reply

      Where were you? Nice shot...

    18. l_elfie 119 months ago | reply

      hello! i used this photo for my halloween website; thank you for making it creative commons! it's really gorgeous. :D

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