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Boxing kangaroos 1

This little series was of a ferocious fight between two male kangaroos that I happened to stumble on while doing something else. These are big roos, standing over 7 feet or 2m when on their toes trying to gain the height advantage. They attempt to rip the ears, eyes and nose of the opposition with the big and sharp claws you can see. More dramatically, they stand high on their tails while holding on to the opposition for support, then plunge their hind feet (also equipped with claws) into the belly of the victim, actually attempting (I think, watching as closely as I could) to do permanent damage to the reproductive organs. This is what the left hand roo is doing in this shot.


You can see in some of these shots that one of these roos has a torn ear, but since it is not bleeding I assume it was another fight, another time.


I witnessed maybe five minutes of this fight, then ran out of storage. By the time I went back to the car to get a new card and encouraged my comrades to come and have a look (they had kindly stayed put so to allow me to take the photos), the roos took one look at us and hopped away, one behind the other. Whether there was an acknowledged winner and loser I will never know.


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Taken on June 5, 2006