Beads: Handmade Artisan Paper Beads
Moontree Studios creates unique, one-of-a-kind Artisan Paper Beads from handpainted papers. Each bead is an individual work of art. Our Artisan Paper Beads are sold individually or in sets, and are also incorporated into original jewelry designs.

Each bead begins with a sheet of gorgeous hand-painted paper, a work of art unto itself. The paper is then cut into long tapering strips and hand rolled into beads, and then varnished with a clear resin to protect the bead from moisture. Iridescent glazes, metal leaf, organza ribbon, and fine glitter are also added to the design. The colors are rich and variegated, and because they are handmade from unique papers, no two beads are ever alike!

In addition, we create Poetry Beads with individual verses and quotations printed on them. Poetry beads come in sets or are strung together to create a wearable poem.

Note: This album represents a portfolio of work; if you're interested in something in particular feel free to check out my profile for more information.
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