The F-bomb, redesigned for 2006

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    I was doing reflections way before they were trendy but they are really taking off now and I thought it was time to bring the f-bomb up to date. So here it is, redesigned for 2006.

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    1. luxuryluke ages ago | reply

      Brilliant. I was talking about the same thing this morning!!!:

    2. Julian J. Schrader ages ago | reply

      Very nice - but I think the "beta" is a little too light.

    3. Zach "Pie" Inglis ages ago | reply <-- Did this design WAYYYYY before it was trendy, even my business cards have the reflection.

      Note to people: Reflections work best feathered not gradiented!

    4. John Oxton ages ago | reply

      Nurse, pass me the sense of humour drip for Zach! ;o)

    5. John Oxton ages ago | reply

      "but I think the "beta" is a little too light"

      I forgot to add, that the beta is so light because it's nearly out of beta, I am almost ready to move it to gamma.

    6. luxuryluke ages ago | reply

      Yer freeeakin' killin' me ovah here, john.

    7. kurafire ages ago | reply

      Dude, "beta" is sooooo 2005!

    8. John Oxton ages ago | reply

      "Dude, "beta" is sooooo 2005!"

      Read the fucking sub plot boy of fire... "Fuck Beta"...geez do I have to spell it out for you girlz!


    9. knotty order [deleted] ages ago | reply

      I initially glanced over it as "Flock"....

    10. tripeak ages ago | reply

      Keep on setting em' trends! :)

    11. ages ago | reply

      Nice. Im sure youve all heard it before.

    12. days of speed ages ago | reply

      Shhh. I just dropped the reflection 'fall back' on a client who wet the bed. _we_ know it's chip wrapper, but there are still legs in the mirror/shadow for now...

    13. ages ago | reply

      I was initially disapointed though, I thought itd be a desktop. Similar to my old one here (shameless self promotion). Anyway, ive now made it into one for myself.

    14. indranil ages ago | reply

      Oh goody! A gamma release!! I can hardly wait.

    15. Kyle Jones ages ago | reply

      gammas are harmful right? why would i want to use something that could kill me

    16. Sean Sperte ages ago | reply

      I just got invited to the reflection pool. I don't know whether to share my heart or add a trendy image.

      Oh, I get it now. Reflective DESIGNS. Are you mocking me?

    17. John Oxton ages ago | reply

      Ah now you see Sean I followed but now you mention it... no not really.. pimp it!

    18. Zach "Pie" Inglis ages ago | reply

      LOL. I giggled too :p /me adjusts his boxers from his arse.

    19. Kim Siever ages ago | reply

      I was using reflections back in 2003.

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