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The Hip-Pop SIGNBOARD CARVER • Craftsman Shows How to Make • George Town • MALAYSIA-16 | by
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The Hip-Pop SIGNBOARD CARVER • Craftsman Shows How to Make • George Town • MALAYSIA-16

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"I love art. I can release some pressure. When you carve up the thing, then you feel very satisfied. My name is Lee Chee Cheng. I’m a woodcarver. If the customer is very superstitious, then we advise them to use the Feng Shui ruler. 60 inches which means “prosperity”. After that I do the coating of the wood, so that the wood lasts longer. After choosing the wood then we do the calligraphy. Why we use machine is because now-a-days, everything fast. There are many types of tools, you see. Traditional ones you are using the chisel. You can’t 100% replace the hand. After using the chisel in the finishing work you need to use the hand. In olden days they didn’t allow you to use sandpaper. You use this to do the sanding. Time is different. Generation is different. There are some people in the market that don’t understand this. They say you use machine. I say, ‘Why not?’. I am using this, I am holding the machine to make the thing fast. So I am also a also a craftsman, and artist, using this machine. We need fast. If you go slow, you can’t make money. This I am doing with my hand. This I buy from China. If you want me to carve this one, I will charge you about 500. This one I buy from China. Its only 30 RM. You just tell me which one you going to buy. When your customer requires new things, if you are not following up, you’re out of date. So even if you are a traditional woodcarver you need to change your own self. In order to cope with the modern day. Normally for signboards, we use red or black color. If you use yellow or green, the gold won’t look sharp, you see? About 1 hour for the glue to dry up, only then you apply the gold leaf. It is 916 gold. It is so advanced that now-a-days they make it very tiny, very thin. Previously we are applying this gold leaf we used the hammer to make it stick into the wood. A person who doesn’t understand carving, the might say, ‘This is olden day’. There are still customers looking for this kind of art. I’m a mixture of olden day and modern day.

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Taken on September 10, 2015