G8 leaders arrive in Northern Ireland!
G8 leaders (well, the OXfam 'Big Head' versions) arrive in Northern Ireland ahead of the G8 Summit on June 17th and 18th 2013.

Oxfam is calling on G8 leaders to do all they can to put us on a path that will end the scandal of global hunger. Specifically, G8 leaders must tackle two of the big drivers of hunger; tax dodging and land grabs.

Join us in asking the G8 to put a stop to a tax system that allows rich companies and individuals to avoid paying their fair share in tax, while the world’s poorest struggle to make a living. Governments are letting people hide at least $18.5 trillion in offshore tax havens. Yes, you read that right - 18.5 trillion.

Call on the G8 to tackle the land grabs that rob the world’s poorest of their homes and the land they need for food and shelter. Big land deals are tearing whole communities apart.

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