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GROW launches around the world

Oxfam launched GROW, a new global campaign to ensure everyone has enough to eat, on 1 June 2011 in upwards of 45 countries.


Giant peas, corn cobs and carrots have unleashed the GROW campaign on the Canadian public. Sporting 'price tags' that said: 'You can't afford me'; 'Produced by Women'; 'A right not a luxury', the veggies danced, posed and talked their way around the country.


In the capital Toronto, a 30 ft living 'GROW' sculpture caused a big buzz. Campus and Youth Outreach Officer, Taryn Diamond said: “The GROW structure was amazing! It was incredibly captivating and people just kept coming by and taking pictures…I think this shows Canadians will be receptive to the campaign.” On and offline journalists attended an exclusive campaign briefing with a hunger banquet theme, and the media coverage has been exceptional. The whole launch experience was an overwhelming success in Canada.


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Taken on May 31, 2011