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Sometime in the middle of last month we had an unexpected visitor at breakfast. As we sat together, one of us noticed a caterpillar crawling up the outside of the window, we watched as it got to about half way and then it stopped. We soon got bored and carried on with breakfast and forgot about the caterpillar. later on in the day however we noticed that it was still there and well it had sort of deflated a bit and dulled in colour. Tiny fibres had begun to surround the caterpillar, anchoring it to the window. Slowly over the next few days it formed a chrysalis around itself.


We went away on holiday and came back and 'he' was still there, unchanged, though perhaps a little darker in colour. Then a couple of days later, (once again at breakfast), we noticed some movement. The butterfly was emerging, head and legs and the first part of the wings, still all tucked in and neatly folded. We watched for a while but he didn't seem to progress any further. Perhaps he was waiting for the sun to shine, but the sun didn't shine much and it was unseasonably cold and wet.


He didn't make it. All those weeks of waiting for the moment to arrive and when it did it all went wrong. So near and yet so far.


There's probably a lesson in there somewhere...

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Taken on August 18, 2012