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Congress Wastes Taxpayers' Dollars | by outtacontext
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Congress Wastes Taxpayers' Dollars

The Republican-led House of Representatives just voted for the 42nd time to end or defund the Affordable Care Act. This law was passed by both houses of Congress and held up by the Supreme Court.


Maliciously, they tied a compromise on the nation's debt ceiling to the passage of this law by both Houses plus the signature of the President. Knowing this will be unlikely, they have put the work of the federal government in jeopardy and the millions of Americans who rely on and work for this country.


Each of these 42 votes cost the taxpayers $1.45 million for a running total of $61,000,000. So many Americans could have used the services provided by these funds. Instead, the GOP and its spineless and powerless leadership are holding the American people hostage for ideological reasons. It doesn't matter that $61 million is a "drop in the bucket." If cutting government spending is a priority to the Republicans, the money they have wasted just shows the lengths that ideologues will go to make a point. Ideology is trumping governance! And we, the people will sadly have to pay for it.


Each time the GOP wastes our money in this way, this poster will be updated.


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Taken on September 24, 2013