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Predatory Capitalism: Don't Let That Shadow Touch Them | by outtacontext
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Predatory Capitalism: Don't Let That Shadow Touch Them

Predatory Capitalism results when companies profit-making policies go unchecked by government regulations that serve to protect citizens from harmful money-making strategies. The lending practices that led to the economic crisis in 2008 is an example of Predatory Capitalism.


Why isn't the anger of laizzez-faire Tea Party members and other "hands-off" conservatives aimed at these corporations instead of just the government? Why is their culpability being dismissed and ignored? And, most importantly, if we can't count on the government to protect its citizens from these practices, who can we count on?


This poster focuses on one element of this issue, advocating for individuals to take responsibility for protecting themselves and their families from fiscal policies that may be dangerous to their own well-being.


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Taken on October 9, 2010