Your Animosity Hurts the Country

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    This poster is a call for Americans to start working together instead of arguing. The rancor in Washington is slowing our progress to a standstill. Be sure to take a look at our other posters. Digital high res downloads are free here. Other options are available., aredhon, vanderwal, and 22 other people added this photo to their favorites.

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    1. sugerman 57 months ago | reply

      Is the Escher-esque effect intended? The red portion of tape has the lower half of the scissor going over it yet the blue portion of tape has the higher half of the scissor going under.

    2. pronuit [deleted] 57 months ago | reply

      The problem with Washington DC right now is that you have one party that says: "Make all these changes that we desire, or we vote against your bills"; The other party makes the changes, gutting their own policy planks in the process, and then the first party votes against the bills anyhow. This is called "bi-partisanship" and basically holds the country hostage to a group of children who are constantly threatening to take their ball and go home.

      So explain how being "moderate" will solve this problem?

    3. Tim Canny 57 months ago | reply

      Musn't we argue our points in order to decide what we will work together on? Or are you suggesting that we all line up like good little soldiers behind the president and do as he says even if we think he is marching us off a cliff? Thanks, but I'll stick with the arguing, at least in the sense of the word that means a discussion of differing points of view that involve the process of reasoning rather than emotional appeal.

    4. gyasko 57 months ago | reply

      Monarchy might be better, eh? Or how about Singaporean regime where certain sorts of politcal disagreements are verboten? Wouldn't that be harmonious.

    5. outtacontext 57 months ago | reply

      The poster above is based on this World War II era poster:

    6. Aquafilia 56 months ago | reply

      I have to agree that CNN and MSNBC are no better than Fox News, just not as "chimpy" oriented.

    7. JCMcdavid 56 months ago | reply

      Liberial media got us in this mess. So GOP are you letting them chose you man next time?

    8. C2W? 56 months ago | reply

      Your Agenda is showing ...

    9. outtacontext 56 months ago | reply

      C2W, I never said I didn't have an opinion. ;-) I certainly do. But part of that is realizing that it's not a matter of one side being right and the other wrong IF we are to arrive at some place where we can attend to the important issues confronting us. Right now, everything is obstructionist. And, quite honestly, the Republicans share the major portion of that. Of course, they are the minority party at the moment. The Democrats probably would do something similar in the same position. As the majority party, they have their own problems. But the problems aren't identical for both parties.

      If these posters highlight this inertia problem, then they've succeeded. If they allow people who feel the same way to connect, Right and Left, that's also a mark of success. That's all part of the agenda (oh, and as a graphic designer, I had a hell of a good time doing them too!).

    10. C2W? 56 months ago | reply

      I really like your work outtacontext, And yep "Right now, everything is obstructionist". From my point of view though, it's almost impossible for pubs to not finally "take a stand" as they have been run over roughshod by the dims. Being "obstructionist" when the other party is deaf is only half the equation. There really hasn't been any compromise on what is turning out to be a real stinker of a healthcare bill. The current administration is treating the border problem the same disdain and lack of interest as the last group of jokers.

      And no of course the problems aren't the same for the party in control. Their biggest problem is getting elected again so they can continue with an agenda that currently a majority of the country isn't very comfortable with (national Debt, Spending, the border, etc, etc, etc).

      imho by allowing your agenda (anti Right & Anti Fox) you diminish your message and limit your audience. Just a thought.

    11. RichardAPatterson 56 months ago | reply

      election reform would help quite a bit, IMHO.

    12. Aquafilia 56 months ago | reply


      If you will permit me a moment to further my own opinion on the Republican stand, I do mean stand since you can neither shut them up nor make them sit down despite their own outrageous folly.

      Republican contradictions never cease to amaze me. They all voted to extend subsidies to oil companies to the tune of 38 Billlion dollars during the midst of a "deficit crisis". But they vote against extending unemployment benefits to AMERICAN unemployed because "we can't afford to grow this deficit any larger". Nice contradiction.

    13. outtacontext 56 months ago | reply

      Everyone, take a look at Dana Milbank's column in today's Washington Post: Lindsey Graham stands apart from other Republican senators on Kagan vote. This is the type of attitudinal shift I'm talking about.

    14. Aquafilia 56 months ago | reply


      This same senator Graham took on the tea baggers recently. Graham recounts a contentious meeting with one group in which he challenged them, "what do you want to do? You take back your country-and do what with it?'....Everybody went from being kind of hostile to just dead silent." That was a direct quote.

      Graham's prediction is the Tea (baggers) Party will 'Die Out' - It has no 'coherent vision,' says the senator. Looks like this particular Republican senator intends to stand tall.

    15. Oh, Well 2010 55 months ago | reply

      I love it because it's true. Fox and Limpballs said they didn't want the President of the US to succeed, so they obviously sabotaged him. And by doing so, they sabotaged America.

      They are traitors that hate America.

      Both parties stink, but the repubicans are the most ridiculous.

      For the people not politicians - Conservative means you stick to old ideas, resist change, etc. Why are you so easily fooled? If they knew they were actually Liberals the people might start to enjoy some unity.

      There is no such thing as a fiscal conservative in the repewblican party, but it is fiscal conservatism they claim. Liars, cheats and con men (and women)

    16. Aquafilia 55 months ago | reply

      HERE, HERE Oh,Well2010. You are right on the money with this comment!

    17. DJ Curly 55 months ago | reply

      Aquafilia, calling them "tea baggers" sure isn't creating unity. making blanket assumptions about people because of how they vote, or what channel they watch, or what party they align themselves with is part of the problem.

      congress plays this partisan crap because we play it. if we didn't participate in it and even encourage it in our personal lives, we'd never tolerate it from congress. we are even more guilty, because our participation in that garbage legitimizes congress' participation in it. congress will never change until we do as individuals.

    18. Aquafilia 55 months ago | reply

      DJ Curly. that was the name they started with. Where have you been? Then, they found out what tea bagging really meant and started back peddling from their chosen moniker as fast as warp speed would allow, after realizing they were and are a laughing stock around the world. Blanket assumptions are the bread and butter of the GOPee and the tea baggers not to mention FoxNews. Case in point, a Mosque to be built at ground zero. That is nothing but a lie capitalized on by conservative fear mongers who have nothing to offer but fear itself. You want to howl about congress or the senate, till blue dog Dems and left over Republicans are removed nothing will change.

    19. sophiayoung 55 months ago | reply

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    20. outtacontext 55 months ago | reply

      Thanks sophlayoung!

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