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Resistance is a Ground Game: Grab Your Tools | by outtacontext
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Resistance is a Ground Game: Grab Your Tools

Resistance to the policies of Donald Trump and the Republican Party requires more than just protest marches. Real work has to be done: organizing at the local level, speaking to our representatives when they come back to our districts, and coming together with others who want to work on the same issues we do. Grab your tools and pick your issues.


I have two. Donald Trump supporters voted for him because they were angry at being ignored: ignored by the GOP and left out of the social changes they saw around them. They voted for Trump because he said things no other politician would say—connecting him to their feelings (even when voters knew what he was saying was outlandish). We have to find a way of talking with these people and offering a tangible alternative. And one issue where many of us agree is the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare). Losing our health insurance is something none of us want. And no other issue at this point comes closest to uniting us.


There is another group of people who supported Trump for another reason: power. Leaders of the GOP and many other conservative elites supported him because they wanted to retain their power in the legislature, in business, and on Wall Street. The only way to upend their hold is to insure the election process is fair. As the Republican Party gained majorities in state offices, they gerrymandered Congressional and state legislative districts in their favor (note: the Democrats have done similar things when given the opportunity—take Maryland's 3rd Congressional District as one of the most egregious examples of gerrymandering). In order to restore our representational democracy to truly represent Americans, we must work to end gerrymandering now.


Those are my issues. What are yours?


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Taken on February 20, 2017