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I JUST WANNA WIN! | by outtacontext
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Update, May 5, 2017: This poster was originally done in February 2016. But, with the passage by the House of the GOP's sad version of their healthcare act yesterday, it seems appropriate for their self-serving actions. Republicans lawmakers don't care about the American people. All they care about is winning and staying in power.


Reince Priebus, chairman of the Republican National Committee said in an interview with George Stephanopoulos of ABC News, that the GOP would support Donald Trump if he was the Republican nominee. Then he said, "Winning is the antidote to a lot of things." The first part of his response is spin. Republicans are trying to find any way they can to stop Trump. The second part, however, reveals what is most important to the GOP: winning. Important issues like immigration reform, healthcare, and fixing the very things Republican voters are angry about (angry because of the party's inability to deliver of promises they've made to their electorate for decades) are not as important. Governing is not important. By extension: citizens are less important than power.


His admission comes a week after Senate Republicans, lead by Mitch McConnell stated they would refuse to consider any Supreme Court nominee suggested by President Obama —without even a hearing.


Obstruction and winning are the only things on the GOP's political agenda. And we citizens are the big losers.


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Uploaded on February 28, 2016