too cool for youth

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    me and Jenn Reynolds, demonstrating how cool we were.

    1. エミリー 先生 46 months ago | reply

      i'm just going to pretend you are sadly staring into your barqs, wishing you hadn't dumped the prettiest girl in cincinnati for an alcoholic with facial deformities :)

      (I moved the above comment to flickr from fb, just in case this high-school-boyfriend stealing bitch is on facebook, and completely lacks a sense of humor. because it's a joke! to make you laugh?)

    2. outlawpoet 46 months ago | reply

      trololol. She is on facebook, but she's not my friend, otherwise I would have tagged her.

    3. エミリー 先生 46 months ago | reply

      i'm tempted to put it back, then, because 1. I am hi-larious, and 2. maybe one of her friends will tell her about it and she'll click on my page and see that i'm still a hottie at 30, while she probably stayed in ohio and popped out a few babies, subsequently ruining her private school cool-kid figure.

      you know? i'm at least equally resentful that she ruined anne of green gables for me. it was the better half a a decade before i could enjoy it again. you were cute, but anne was classic tween-girl lit, and i could never relish public television pledge drives the same way after she macked on ma' man.

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