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Branching out

Spent a while watching this tiny spider beginning to construct an orb web in some long grass.


I wasn't sure at first, because it was too small to see clearly, but I was able to confirm later that it is a baby garden spider, Araneus diadematus. As adults, they are dark brown with white spots in the form of a cross on their back, but as babies, they are yellow, with a dark, almost black triangle. Garden spiders hatch in the spring, so this one is maybe 2-3 months old.


As this was in the grass, I was lying down on my front trying to get a decent picture. This gave a bit of a scare to a woman walking her dog as it was fairly early in the morning and she was imagining 'dead body found by dog walker' type headlines in the local paper.

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Taken on July 2, 2011