the cry

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    As a pacifist I am against war, weapons, etc. I think in these times its old fashioned to use power, weapens, and every destructive ways to conquer.
    But since the world is mosly ruled by men, its still as if living in a western movie, an old fashion stupid, without a decent plot, western movie. This mother, just lost her: house, children and husband. Has to live in terrible conditions, and is absolutely not to blame. She a palestinian women, and its heartbreaking what happens there. I was there, many many years ago, when Munich happened, and was allready not to happy with all militairy power. Stupidy of to much testoteron I think...luckely there are people living in this world, who think the same as me. This mother, deserves a good live, as all mothers deserve that, she gave birth, she did not ask for the awful situation she has to live in.

    1. Mr TGT 111 months ago | reply

      Wow Very Powerful picture!
      The Sorrow of a mother is so heartbreaking!

    2. Up The Banner 111 months ago | reply

      Is she part of "the axis of evil"?

    3. professional housewife 111 months ago | reply

      Yes, she is what Bush calls 'the axis of evil'

    4. arquera 111 months ago | reply

      WOW!!! yes, the cri.

    5. Krishna109 [deleted] 111 months ago | reply

      housewife/ says:
      Yes, she is what Bush calls 'the axis of evil'

      Actually that is inaccurate.(In fact, it is actually a total falsehood!)

      Bush listed 5 countries as part of the "Axis of Evil"-- "Palestine" was not one of them!

      (Whether or not you agree with calling these countries the "Axis of evil" or not....attempting to spread false information is not helpful :-)

    6. "Anwaar 76 months ago | reply

      :) Exactly, very well said my friend. War isn't the solution and never will be. The sides are fighting and the Palestinian blood is paying for that !. It's really bad to see that on the news daily!. I'm extremely against what happening now in Gaza. That is a war crime which seem No one not even the United N wanna admit !!. ='), What we all can do is pray for peace.

      bless you,PEACE

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