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Panoramic Rings

Date: 12 Dec 2004


Saturn's most prominent feature, its dazzling ring system, takes center stage in this stunning natural color mosaic which reveals the color and diversity present in this wonder of the solar system. Gaps, gravitational resonances and wave patterns are all present, and the delicate color variations across the system are clearly visible.


This mosaic of six images covers a distance of approximately 62,000 km along the ring plane, from a radius of 74,565 km to 136,780 km (46,333 to 84,991 miles) from the planet's center.


This view is from Cassini's vantage point beneath the ring plane. The rings are tilted away from Cassini at an angle of about 4 degrees.


Images taken using red, green and blue spectral filters were used to create this natural color mosaic. The images were acquired using the Cassini spacecraft narrow angle camera on Dec. 12, 2004, at a distance of approximately 1.8 million km (1.1 million miles). The image scale is 10.5 km (6.5 miles) per pixel.


Credit: NASA/JPL/Space Science Institute

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Taken on December 12, 2004