Climate Justice Youth Summit, Day 2
From September 20-21, 2019 UPROSE hosted the 7th Climate Justice Youth Summit (CJYS) in NYC. The CJYS is the largest gathering of young people of color in the country on climate change. The 2019 Summit focused on ways to operationalize Just Transitions. This framework, birthed by the climate justice movement, examines ways to move us out of an extractive economy to a regenerative one that respects our people, our bodies, our land and our future. Given the scope of the climate crisis and our current political climate this is more necessary now than ever.

As the generation that will be most impacted climate change it is necessary that young people lead on these issues because they will affect us the most. That is why this summit is important.

We are fighting, not only for our survival, but to change a system that has been sustained off the backs of the working class and particularly people of color for hundreds of years. The grassroots are growing and will not sit idly by while this administration ignores one of the greatest threats to our survival. Now is the time to power up, because It’s OUR people, OUR hoods, and OUR power!
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