Stand with Communities, Not Corporations!
Protect Mother Earth. End Climate Capitalism. Support Community Solutions.

Mass Action at the Global Climate Action Summit in San Francisco on September 13, 2018.

The twin crises of capitalism and climate change are destroying the planet, burning our homes, and flooding our communities. We are witnessing unprecedented harm, from the hurricanes that ravaged Puerto Rico, the Caribbean and the Gulf Coast, to wildfires destroying communities along the west coast. At the same time, California passed climate laws (AB 398) that subsidize, and allow the world’s largest corporations to continue destroying our climate and communities with pollution and poverty

In September, Governor Jerry Brown convened the Global Climate Action Summit (GCAS) in San Francisco to promote his “real climate leadership” credentials on a global stage. But Jerry Brown’s promotion of carbon trading markets and other perverse subsidies to oil, gas and other polluting corporations only perpetuates climate change, and decimates Indigenous communities and Native nations, communities of color and other working class peoples throughout California and around the world.

Such incentives for “climate capitalism” will turn frontline communities into sacrifice zones for decades to come, and despite Brown’s attempts to prove he is different from Trump and the dark forces of climate denial, his “climate leadership” promotes the same corporate agenda – aimed at expanding the dig, burn, drive, dump industries destroying our communities and the air, land and water we depend on.

On September 13th, we demanded that elected leaders stand with our communities on the streets, and not with the climate profiteers at the GCAS.
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