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Spooky Gulch | by OurBreathingPlanet
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Spooky Gulch

Spooky Gulch is a short, narrow slot canyon located in Utah, in the United States. It is approximately 1.2 miles (1.9 km) in length and averages 30 feet (10 m) in depth. Spooky Gulch is however, extremely narrow. Rarely is the gulch more than 15 inches (0.5 m) wide. In fact, it's name is derived from the fact that due to its narrowness and overhanging ledges very little light reaches the floor of the gulch. This leaves the floor of the slot canyon in a perpetual twilight during the day. Additionally, the entire length of the gulch is filled with twists and bends. Many of these are angled more than 180 degrees.There are only a few places where one can one see more than 10 feet (3 m) ahead.


Spooky Gulch Geology


Spooky Gulch was formed through the geological process of erosion. The walls of the canyon are formed entirely of sandstone. The walls are also renowned for their knobby formations. The floor of the gulch is principally stone, but sand deposits are known to drift in and settle in places. The opening of the gulch is quite wide. Within 200 ft (61 m) it funnels into its narrow straits. During the rainy season shallow pools of water will accumulate within Spooky Gulch. The unique colored layers are a consequence of the formation of the native Navajo sandstone. #ourbreathingplanet


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Uploaded on August 9, 2014