Death of the Ice Queen

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    1. Inhuman Mask 24 months ago | reply

      Wow! I keep exploring the image and how the hair becomes everything but her eyes seem so important in the image! Wonderful shot!

    2. John Suler's PhotoPsychology 24 months ago | reply

      Yeah, you're getting into some very groovy images here (forgive my hippie regression). This one reminds me of a body snatcher movie..... we emerge from the pods, staring with intense eyes into the new reality we are about to create.

    3. Gary Heller 24 months ago | reply

      Intriguing, I feel the icy cold in the texture and color. i like the composition very much.

    4. Gypsy StormDancer 24 months ago | reply

      Thank you, Cutter, John, and Gary! This was another of my odd little photo-manipulation experiments which I think are slowly getting a lot more interesting. I am crazy about the hauntedness of discarded and forgotten toys (I guess it is an echo of my curiosity about urban decay...which I have very little evidence of here on flickr, but my heart and mind are there, completely!) and this was something I'm only good at coffee puns, but this one it just a_head on the road. I will duck and head for cover now...:-D

    5. Jas Bassi 23 months ago | reply

      I am lost for words.. amazing jon.

    6. John Suler's PhotoPsychology 23 months ago | reply

      I'm also intrigued by old discarded things, decaying and abandoned buildings, and random trash on the ground..... As a psychologist, I'm reluctant to speculate about what that says about me!... lol...

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