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Colombian Black Spider monkey silhouette

These monkeys were a magnificent sight, and unlike their chimpanzee cousins, they looked happy and well adjusted to the life in a zoo.


Perhaps they're dumb enough to not understand that they're prisoners of the zoos, or maybe they're smart enough to not care.


Anyway, they're we're funny and uplifting to watch.


PS! I submitted this photo to the Twitter Photo Challenge group, although it's not eligible for submission to the contest itself. The photo for this week's topic, "Silhouettes", should be taken after the topic's made public. I took this photo a couple of days before, but I still thought it'd fit the topic so I submitted it anyway so that the group members could give som C&C on the photo anyway. I won't enter it into the competition.


Tech stuff


Not much to say about this photo, really. I had set the camera to program, and even Auto ISO I think. This is an in-camera JPEG, using standard settings. I used a 28-135 lens zoomed to around 100mm, but cropped it some in Photoshop Elements afterwards. In Elements I also adjusted levels, especially in the blue channel, to bring out details in the clouds behind the monkey.

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Taken on July 7, 2009