Extension in Linn and Benton Counties
We start our extensive extension travels close to home -- so close to home that it actually is home! Extension in Linn and Benton Counties has a rich history...

Rick Fletcher write "OSU Extension has its roots in Oregon Agricultural College dating back to 1911. At first it was
a campus based outreach program, with specialists traveling to local communities to deliver programs by car, horseback or even train. At one point, OAC Extensionists rigged up a rail car with demonstration materials, and went from community to community." You can read more by Fletcher in Benton County Extension: The Early Years, 1931-1950: Extension Assists in Hard Times, and 1951-70: Benton County Continues Full Steam Ahead.

For more on both Linn and Benton Counties in the first fifty years, see Frank L. Ballard's The Oregon State University Federal Cooperative Extension Service, 1911-1961.
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