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Garden of Gethsemane and Mount of Olives | by OSU Special Collections & Archives : Commons
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Garden of Gethsemane and Mount of Olives

Image Description from historic lecture booklet: "We climb up the staircase from the underground recesses, and standing upon the temple platform, one looks across the Valley of the Kedreon to the Mount of Olives. This is a range of hills, having four summits on the east of the city. Our views include the middle of the range, the part most interesting. That prominent building on the hillside with its onion-shaped dome, is a Russian Church; and the tower on the summit of the hill is also Russian building. You can perceive three roads up the hill, that on the left is the highway to Jerusalem and Jericho, in Christ's time haunted by robbers 0 as you remember in the parable of "The Good Samaritan"; and even not it is not safe for travelers who are alone. That lower path on the right may be the one over which Christ rode on his traditional Garden of Gethsemane where our Savior bowed in prayer on the night before his cross. Theses old olives may be the descendants of the tree whose leaves rustled over him in his agony."


Original Collection: Visual Instruction Department Lantern Slides


Item Number: P217:set 013 032


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Taken circa 1915