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Continental Glacier | by OSU Special Collections & Archives : Commons
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Continental Glacier


Image Description from historic lecture booklet: "Ice bodies of the third class, as their name implies, are of vast extent and may even cover entire continents. Existing examples are confined to Greenland and to Antarctic regions. Others that have now vanished left unmistakable records over large portions of northeastern North America and northwestern Europe. The principal characteristic of continental glaciers are their vast extent, their comparatively level surface, and the prolongation of portions of their borders into lobes and even into well-defined streams, were the topographic and other conditions are favorable. The total amount of snow and ice on all land is perhaps as much as a million cubic miles. If this amount of ice were all melted and returned to the sea, it would raise its level about thirty feet."


Original Collection: Visual Instruction Department Lantern Slides


Item Number: P217:set 012 006


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Taken circa 1915