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"No Danger" in Costume | by OSU Special Collections & Archives : Commons
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"No Danger" in Costume

Image Description from historic lecture booklet: "The Japanese love the theater, and it is a thoroughly national institution. You will be told in select circles how up to the Restoration in 1868 the theater was looked down on, and actors in the view of the samurai class were beneath contempt-- the offensive manifestants of a degrading kind of exhibition. There was, no doubt, much affectation in this. The popular theater was supposed to clash with the traditions of the Japanese classic drama know as the "No or "No Dance".


Today there are hundreds of theaters giving popular drama. The "No" is a collection of some two hundred and thirty-two dramatic episodes, mostly tragic, which were collected and given permanent form in the early fifteenth century."


Original Collection: Visual Instruction Department Lantern Slides


Item Number: P217:set 060 020



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