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Image Description from historic lecture booklet: "Tokyo, the capital of the Empire is one of the foremost cities of the Orient. In spite of the terrible destruction wrought by the earthquake of September 1, 1923, Tokyo will soon be a greater city than before the earthquake. 'Under the supervision of the Municipal Reconstruction Bureau in rebuilding Tokyo, residential districts are segregated from commercial and industrial districts. Six new avenues, 100 to 150 feet wide, will cut across the most crowded sections, supplementing the existing main thoroughfares, and 122 new streets with a minimum width of 36 feet are laid out, replacing narrow and crooked lanes and streets; three large and 52 small parks will be added and a fifteen million yen (nearly 7,500,000) chain of public markets. Also, a subway will be built." Tokyo city proper under census of August, 1925, had a population of 2,036,136. Including suburbs--that is, Greater Tokyo-- the people numbered 3,859,674.


Japan took over her railway enterprises in 1906. In 1924 it had 7,341 miles of state-owned railroads and 2005 miles privately owned. They are narrow gauge roads but the government has made plans to gradually rebuild the roads to the standard gauge of 4.85 feet. The rebuilding project includes the electrification of the state-owned roads and will cover a period of 20 years. The first section of this project is the line from Tokyo to Kobe, a distance of 408 miles. At present there is under process of construction a tunnel under the straits between Honshu and Kiushu Islands. It will be seven miles in length and will probably be completed in 1931 at a cost of about fifteen million dollars.


Japan's merchant marine is advancing with great strides. In 1921 it consisted of above six thousand steamships and over thirty-six thousand sailing vessels, with a gross tonnage of 4,466,061. Japan has sixty harbors open to foreign trade.


Posts, telegraphs and telephones, all of which are extensive, are in government control and operation. "


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Taken circa 1915