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NYC Century 50km timelapse

From Prospect Park, across the Polanski Bridge, through Queens and Astoria, across the Tri-Bourough bridge, around Randall Island, over to the north end of Central Park, and then to the west side. The battery died at Riverside at 72nd, so the awful biking conditions on 11th avenue aren't recorded, nor the slog through China Town and over the Manhattan bridge back to Brooklyn and another lap of Prospect Park.


Shot with a ReplayXD at one frame very 15 seconds. I'm disappointed that the battery only lasts for 2.5 hours, regardless of how many frames/second. if I had known, I would have shot it at 1 fps since there is no chance of filling the 32 GB card.


(And, darn it, flickr cuts it off at 90 seconds so the whole thing isn't there)

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Uploaded on September 9, 2012