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Mac SE ROM: "Stolen from Apple Computer" | by hudson
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Mac SE ROM: "Stolen from Apple Computer"

A bitmap image found in an Apple Mac SE ROM. 32 bit stride, offset 16 bits. The "Stolen From Apple Computer" message would come up if a special jump command was issued with the Macsbug debugger:


The code to display it is at 0x4188a4:


4188a4: 2055 moveal %a5@,%a0

4188a6: 2268 ff86 moveal %a0@(-122),%a1

4188aa: 3028 ff8a movew %a0@(-118),%d0

4188ae: 41fa 000e lea %pc@(4188be ),%a0

4188b2: 7218 moveq #24,%d1

4188b4: 2298 movel %a0@+,%a1@

4188b6: d2c0 addaw %d0,%a1

4188b8: 51c9 fffa dbf %d1,4188b4

4188bc: 60fe bras 4188bc


Note the final instruction is an infinite loop. The machine will hang at that point since the original Mac did not have pre-emptive multitasking.

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Uploaded on August 8, 2012