IBM 129 Card Data Recorder

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    After cleaning and alignment, the punch card feed mechanism works very smoothly. More details:

    1. kd1s 39 months ago | reply

      Oh man, does this bring back memories. Had to use on of these beasts for my PL/I class back in the day. I hated it, i had cut my teeth on interactive terminals. Batch process was alien and foreign to me.

    2. = Leo = 39 months ago | reply

      These were the fancy one's that everyone wanted to use, instead of the 026.

    3. mikeinromsey 25 months ago | reply

      The 129 data recorder was the electronic version of the 029 card punch. A full set of data for a punched card was held in memory before being punched into the card. With the 029 and the 026 when you pressed a key it immediately punched into the card. Press the wrong key and the whole card had to be re-punched. I used to be an IBM customer engineer for these beasts in the late 60's and tested the 129 in 1970. Happy days!

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