Cat volume computation

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How do you compute the volume of a cat? Dunking it in water doesn't work-- you get the volume of the rat-like creature that lives inside the cat; much like the feeble alien within a Dalek. (And, if your answer had anything to do with contour integrals, get real.) Here is a method that works: Using successive approximation, determine the smallest box that the cat will fully enclose itself in.

This cat is approximately 648 cubic inches in volume.

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  1. dyyanae 82 months ago | reply

    LOL! What a purrfect explanation of the science of cat-to-box physics!

    I Enjoyed This Photo in

  2. Dunechaser 82 months ago | reply

    Yes, but if you close the box, how will you know if the cat is still alive?

  3. oskay 82 months ago | reply

    Ummm... the yowling to get out?

  4. jpctalbot 82 months ago | reply

    Jellybean must be a descendant of Schroedinger's cat : its simultaneously inside AND outside the box in a quantum superposition state. Jellybean must have inherited those superpowers.

  5. Japanese Comics 76 months ago | reply

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  6. chickenofeathers 76 months ago | reply

    Small rat-like creature! Like the alien in a Dalek! I have laughed enough to choke on my own spit. Oh dear.

    Seen in your Evil Mad Cats set. (?)

  7. rouppasongbarbara 75 months ago | reply


  8. Gabbcan 74 months ago | reply

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  9. ilovebutter 69 months ago | reply

    When I saw this photo posted on Apartment Therapy, at first I thought it was my cat Beaker! I think we have twins:

    Beaker in a box!

  10. beetrix 69 months ago | reply

    My Laverne loves a good box:

  11. Savage Hippie Girl 67 months ago | reply

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  12. Tattoo Gallery 2009 [deleted] 67 months ago | reply

    Very good and cool pictures. I wish I have one.

  13. Secret Tenerife 66 months ago | reply

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  14. garhol 62 months ago | reply

    Parcel for Schrödinger?

  15. Pernilla K [deleted] 45 months ago | reply

    Okey now that's scary, your cat (and floor, and box) looks exactly as mine!! First I was like "wait what, who stole my picture of my cat?!", but then i figured that we must have taken pretty much the same pic of two different cats. uhm.

  16. maryqkaca 29 months ago | reply

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