In the dark

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    In the dark, the lights are barely visible-- they twinkle.

    Read more about the interactive LED coffee tables here

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    1. Incognita Nom de Plume 95 months ago | reply

      huge kudos! Your projects are awesome! Great website too.

    2. Oceaneer99 94 months ago | reply

      Very cool! Can you imagine a patio with these lights in the surface?

    3. oskay 94 months ago | reply

      Like an outdoor disco floor? =P

      Actually, a little bit of gentle twinkling wouldn't be such a bad thing. It might get expensive if you put in LEDs at this density, but you could probably get away with spacing them further apart.

    4. Oceaneer99 94 months ago | reply

      You mean Roman Dance Pavers? I saw Luxeon or one of the other LED manufacturers had an article about a designer who had embedded their LEDs in acrylic and made stars and moons in a driveway. Maybe some combination of LEDs plus optical fibers could get you a good density, though probably with a fairly dim intensity. You'd probably have to grind the surface to get all the fibers and LEDs exposed properly.

    5. oskay 94 months ago | reply

      Well, those Luxeons get bright enough to use as room lighting, so it might actually be pretty impressive. It still sounds like a pretty expensive project, but it might be interesting anyway.

    6. Oceaneer99 94 months ago | reply

      I agree that could get costly. My current projects use blue LEDs I picked up on sale at Christmas time, one of those Philips blue LED light sets. I replaced one of the rear seat map light bulbs in my car with three blue LEDs wired in series (with a resistor also to limit the current). Someone kept leaving their light on back there. The LED lamp draws less current and gives me more time to figure out the light was left on.

    7. psychopsilocybin1 89 months ago | reply

      genial esta muy bueno el diseño...saludos

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